Finally! Our RISEUP Documentary is Launched!


Everyone who knew about me making this documentary asked for exclusive viewing even before our RISEUP event, and yes, it was hard keeping it in.

The Launch Day Arrive

Finally, I launched the documentary first-time at our 2nd RISEUP Conference.

I hope my RISEUP story in this documentary will inspire you on many levels as the audience on that day experience.

This RISEUP documentary took us three full days, waking up as early as 6 am and ending at 6 pm, with a seemingly impossible mission to keep my story intact within the short duration.

# It was hard work and perhaps traumatising to re-enact some scenes I did not want to return to.
# I kept my emotions “inside” during the launch of the documentary as I was to take the stage immediately after it.
# I tried watching it many times to desensitise myself, but you know what? It did not work.

No. I did not cry when I took the stage but knew I was a bit cranky. Lol…

I manage to keep my teary eyes well hidden.


The Rise Of Something Bigger Than Me.

My RISEUP Story has led to the creation of RISEUP Global.

We believe in the spirit of Human Leadership.

And it is all about Humanising Leadership and Humanising the Workplace All Over Again.

As I love to say, RISEUP is not another “training business” but a MOVEMENT.


Losing Everything For a Bigger Story.

It took me more than 16 years to discover my bigger story.

Or rather, losing everything I built over 16 years led me to discover my BIGGER STORY.

+ That gave me my new identity today.
+ It gave me a reason to start all over again. Differently.
+ And today, we are the RISEUP Movement of Raising Psychological Best Leaders and People.

We do not need to change the whole world.
We just need to start with ours first.
With whatever we have, wherever we are.


This is Joseph@RISEUP signing off.

May You Transform, Flourish and Prosper In This Brand New World.