Stakeholder Engagement Training to Boost Communication Skills

Transform Your Team’s Communication and Collaboration.
Engaging Stakeholders for Success” at RiseUp Global helps you get better at working with different people who are important to your projects. It teaches you how to talk to them, understand what they want, and make sure everyone works well together. This is really helpful for anyone who wants to get better at managing projects and working with teams.

Move stakeholders to commitment with strategies to uncover their triggers, pain points and solutions naturally.

Whether it is pitching a proposal, implementing new operating procedures or delivering a project, stakeholder engagement will always be involved. One way or another they will be affected by your project. It is essential to understand their perspectives and get them to root for you. As you make your stakeholder engagement plan, it becomes evident that time and resources are limiting factors. Building trust and understanding cannot be done callously. Stakeholder engagement must be done discreetly with respect and authenticity.

Imagine this scenario

You have a stakeholder whom everyone in the company hates talking to, but there is one person who seems to be able to engage him where no one else could.

This one person seems to possess the ability to talk to almost anyone and get them on his side. This is not an idealist scenario. It is real and can be learned.

Stakeholder Engagement:
The Crucial Element in Project Success

Stakeholders management skills: When stakeholder engagement isn’t done right, it can cause big problems like project delays and upset stakeholders. It’s a serious issue. RiseUp Global offers training that helps your team communicate effectively with stakeholders.

This means everyone understands your project, leading to better support and success. Avoid communication issues and ensure your projects are successful with RiseUp Global’s expert training in stakeholders management skills.

Enhance Your Leadership with
Advanced Stakeholder Management Skills

Good stakeholder management process is key to any project’s success. Without these skills, it’s tough to keep everyone happy and projects can easily go off track. This can leave you feeling stressed and your team confused. That’s where we come in. Our stakeholder management training gives you the know-how to handle different opinions and keep your projects smooth and successful.

Enhanced Team Communication

Equip your team with skills for clearer and more effective communication with stakeholders, crucial for project success.

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Learn to navigate and resolve conflicts within the business environment, ensuring smoother project progression.

Building Strong Business Relationships

Develop the ability to create and maintain productive relationships with key stakeholders, leading to long-term business growth.

Engaging stakeholders for project success

Empower your organisation and leadership team with the skills and methodology for building stakeholder relationships and ensuring successful project delivery.

Your Guide to being better at
Stakeholder Communication

We get that it’s tough to lead without just telling people what to do. We’ve helped thousands of leaders and hundreds of companies with this. Our Leadership Without Authority training gives you the skills to guide and inspire your team in a new way. You can trust us – we’ve been doing this for a long time and we know what works.

Forge Stronger Connections through
Effective Stakeholder Engagement

Boost your project’s success with our training on effective stakeholder engagement. Find out why it’s super important to keep stakeholders in the loop—they can give you great ideas and help get everyone on board.

If you don’t engage them well, you might face misunderstandings or people not supporting your project. Our training shows you how to keep everyone’s goals in sync and work together better.

Learn how to make stakeholder engagement work for you and see your projects shine!

Identify Stakeholders

Understand who is crucial for your project and what they need.

Develop Engagement Strategy

Create a plan that makes sure everyone’s on the same page.

Implement and Review

Start engaging, then keep checking to make sure things are going well







Identifying Your Influence Quotient (IQ)





The Rewards of Engaging Stakeholders

Project managers know that the success of any project is closely linked with how well they engage stakeholders. Being able to establish an insightful relationship with stakeholders allows us to discover their perspectives, needs, and expectations. Knowing their intrinsic motivation helps us project stakeholders’ responses and proactively manage expectations. Doing this from the start will greatly reduce any uncertainty.

Remember that stakeholders can and do play critical roles in all projects. They are often business leaders with valuable experience and technical knowledge. Having a good stakeholder engagement plan from the beginning will help you develop a clear vision, and guide strategic planning and decision-making as the project progresses. Developing collaborative relationships with them early on will give you a competitive advantage.

The Rewards of Engaging Stakeholders

The current situation of global supply chains and remote work has added a considerable amount of strain on heads of organizations and leadership teams. They now have to manage business relationships, oversee virtual teams, and interact with board directors mostly through live online meetings.

To successfully engage stakeholders, you have to shift your perspective and focus more on the process and relationship. A stakeholder engagement plan should include not only key stakeholders but all stakeholders. Consider a wide range of strategies for each stakeholder or stakeholder group..

The initiative to engage stakeholders should be considered during the planning process and incorporated into the project management plan. This will change the management approach to view interactions with project stakeholders as strengthening collaborative relationships. Without this shift in mindset, there is a danger of undermining your efforts and causing lasting damage.

In the Engaging Stakeholders for Success program, you will learn skills and tools backed by psychology and behavioural science. The strategies included will give you the confidence and practical skills to engage stakeholders effectively and consistently.