Story of Riseup

Hello there! This is Joseph.

If you are on this page, you are one of the many who are curious about the birth of RISEUP GLOBAL.

This is a multiple award-winning talent development and engagement firm that I helmed for more than 16 years from scratch.

Why the rebranding? I like to call it an awakening.


This is RISEUP GLOBAL. It is not about growing bigger, but going deeper with our work with clients and co-creating a BIGGER STORY for people and leaders to RISEUP in our brand new world today.

RISEUP is about: STAND UP for things you believe in.

SHOW UP in your life and work.

STEP UP to the new adventure that is calling you.

SHOW OFF your gifts and talents to the world.

It is important to know why we are RISING UP for each day and our values are simple.

BE FOCUS on what you set out to achieve each day.

BE PATIENCE with yourself and others.

BE PRESENT no matter where you are and who you are with,

BE COURAGEOUS to play with ideas, with wisdom in mind.

BE THE INTEGRITY you want to be respected for.