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We Are Exposed To More Than 30,000 Attempts Of Persuasion Daily, Consciously And Unconsciously.

The Power Science of Influence, also known as ‘The influence book’, is written to help accelerate your persuasion skills. Shift people’s perspectives and move them positively in the desired direction using the science of persuasion.

The principles in the book are backed by solid research and tested experience. Notably, the strategies were tested, proven and validated by psychologists and behavioural scientists around the world.

You don’t have to figure out the Art of Persuasion by yourself using only life experiences or by trial and error. It has already been distilled and organised in the book for you to adopt, practice and adapt what works best for you.

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More Than 60 Years Of Research Has Shown That Human Behaviours Are Highly Predictable Most Of The Time.

We invest 80 to 90 per cent of our time at work influencing people. Because without people, nothing gets done. Influence is an ability that managers and leaders today need to harness more of to achieve superior performance.

People tend to associate influence with being charismatic and that is barely the tip of the iceberg. From a scientific perspective, charisma barely amplifies your influence on people.

The Predictable Game looks at influence from a scientific perspective, reviewing social experiments that had been conducted for more than 60 years to reveal never disclosed human behaviour strategies and techniques at work.

8.90 USD

The Predictable Game Book