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Story of Joseph Wong

A multiple award-winning leadership transformation coach, captivating author and game changing speaker with extensive expertise in leadership and business psychology.

His understanding of the incredible power hidden in the science of human behaviour and motivation has helped organisations around the world reach new levels of productivity, performance and leadership.

“RISEUP is about raising PSYCHOLOGICAL BEST LEADERS who dare to shape the world by SHOWING UP with the best version of themselves.”

RISEUP is an AWAKENING for me as well as for the world

At what seemed like the pinnacle of my success, it all came crashing down overnight. Yes, it disappeared overnight.

One early morning, I woke up with all my ten fingers not being able to close up into a fist.


I was not able to button my shirt. I was not able to tie my shoelace. I was not able to put a key into a keyhole. I was not able to hold anything with my fingers except to use my wrist as support.

7 different doctors from the hospital system could not tell what was happening.

The hospital system, the only place that I thought could give you a solution and hope gave up on me.

The 1st year passed. 2nd year passed. The 3rd year passed while living under Covid.

I fell into extreme depression while living in pain, and was on the verge of giving up my life story.

I lost my Courage. I lost my Confidence. I lost my Identity.

That is when I turned to GOD and natural healing protocol (all without western medication), and discovered the magic of our human mind, body, and spirit.

Who shows up then during my darkest moment?

GOD, family and friends, including people that I did not know, SHOWED UP.

My 3-year journey awakened me to do something bigger than myself.

I asked myself the question, have I done anything bigger than myself over the years of my life?

Ironically with all the awards and success. The answer was no.

A RISEUP movement is born.

Awards and Credentials

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Joseph Wong

Media Coverage & Awards

Joseph’s distinguished work on influence and leadership has been featured in Asia’s largest media outlets, including The Straits Times, The Business Times, CNA938, Asia One Online, Pioneer Magazine, and The New Paper.

Joseph is the winner of the Best Corporate Talent Development Provider award for three consecutive years at the HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Awards.

HRM Asia also named Joseph the Best Corporate Talent Engagement Provider and for the first time, a new award for Best Corporate Career Conversation Provider was awarded to Joseph in recognition of his movement on Career Conversation.

He was also named the Executive of The Year by Singapore Business Review.

Author Of Influence And Human Motivation

Joseph is the distinguished author of 2 preeminent books on influence – The Power Science of Influence and The Predictable Game.

In both books, Joseph establishes a scientific approach outlining ways to positively influence people and create lasting organisational change.

RISEUP books author

Awards and Credentials

SAF commandor

From The Barracks To The Boardroom

Joseph’s expertise extends well beyond the office.

Having worked as a member of the Singapore Armed Forces Commando Formation, Joseph has had the opportunity to learn and understand human behaviour & motivations under the toughest situations.

His expertise, guidance, and techniques have also proven invaluable for the United Nations Mission of Support in East Timor (UNMISET).

These unique real-world experiences have allowed Joseph to develop game-changing transformation programs that accelerate performance and behavioural change regardless of circumstance, ultimately leading to success.

Top Performers Work With Joseph

Leaders across the APAC region work with Joseph to create greater synergy and leaner organisations.

By drastically improving team performance, the results translate into a stronger bottom line. Joseph has empowered thousands of top-level executives, managers, and companies to achieve their true potential.

Joseph’s work has touched the lives of some of Asia’s most important executives, senior leaders, and managers.

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Take your people and leaders to the next level with Joseph!

Joseph understands what it takes to develop a flourishing company culture within some of Asia’s largest corporate environments. Through his expertise, leaders have seen their companies transform and reach entirely new levels of performance.

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Our Award-Winning Solutions

Our proven leadership training programmes teach leadership teams how to harness the science of behaviour and motivation to deal with ever-changing environments. Further tailored to your organisation’s unique challenges, our strategies and tools will empower your leaders to rise up to new levels of performance.

Influence Without Authority

Enhance your conversation skills to ‘mind-read’ your audience and navigate discussions with ease, significantly improving your ability to consult and connect effectively.

Engaging Stakeholders For Success

Enhance your conversation skills to ‘mind-read’ your audience and navigate discussions with ease, significantly improving your ability to consult and connect effectively.

Unlock Courageous Conversation

Uncover the science-based conversation strategy that will open up the full potential of your team and empower them to speak up.

Partnering For Success

Learn how to proactively create the conditions for effective collaboration and move your team towards greater success.

Ignite Performance with Career Conversation

Find out what keeps a talent actively engaged and how effective career conversations drive work performance.


Having worked with Joseph Wong, a truly dedicated trainer who is a master in the topic of “Influence without Authority” – filled with passion and purpose as a game changer!

He is highly sought after for his involvement to be adaptable to clients’ needs and outcomes! Thank you, Joseph, for the support and glad to have you travel across Asia with us!!
Regional Head of Learning (India and SEA)
We engaged Joseph for a motivational speech at an internal event. He did not just deliver his pet topics. At the pre-event discussion, he asked detailed questions about the circumstance and objectives.

During his delivery, he framed his message with the right content in the proper context, which the participants noticed and responded to favourably.
BT Ong
Senior HR Director
Joseph was one of my speakers during a leaders’ briefing organised by my company. He captivates the audience with his engaging style and charming personality during the briefing.

He is magnanimous and always willing to share his life experiences and knowledge with people around him. I would be glad to work with him again in the future.
Janet Quek
Director, Talent Development
Joseph listened attentively and provided excellent support which were tailored to the needs of our organisation.

He also facilitated the training that allowed interactions among the participants, while imparting skills and knowledge through experiential learning activities. It has been a great experience working with Joseph Wong!
silicon labs
HR Director
Joseph is one of the external consultants with whom I always enjoy having a cup of coffee to discuss the latest development in people development. I have referred him a few times to fellow HR leaders, and he has always delivered beyond what they have expected him to do—highly recommended.
whitecoat global
Tham Chien Ping
Director, People, Culture & Sustainability