Managing Difficult Conversations

Learn the art of courageous dialogue to enhance team dynamics, build trust, and drive positive outcomes. RiseUp Global’s training empowers you with the skills to confidently navigate and lead challenging conversations for impactful results.

Learn how to start and lead courageous conversations with clarity and identify the real intentions of a person to achieve a positive outcome.

What is Courageous Conversation?

A courageous conversation is where you engage in having difficult conversations training to speak up and express how you feel about issues that are weighing you down. It is about “showing up” when you need to.

Have there been times when you failed to show up? Times when you know you should be speaking up but didn’t because you did not know how? Or simply allowing fear to overtake you. To have a courageous conversation, there are two key hurdles to overcome.

Psychological Hurdles

The first is the psychological hurdles – The study has pointed to a psychological cue that we are likely to speak up and have a difficult conversation with people whom we are unfamiliar with, compared to people we are familiar with.

This is because we want to protect “the relationship”, but unfortunately at the expense of a broiling dire consequence.

Research Insights

The concept of psychological safety (how safe it is to speak up) is key and important too in a courageous conversation.

A study about team performance done on a cardiac surgery team revealed the fact that the teams who have a greater psychological circle of safety were able to anticipate technical problems that might arise during surgery and also to get comfortable in new interpersonal roles and relationships.

Skill and Ability

The second is the skill and ability – Often, we are clueless about how to start or lead the conversation, and not to mention about managing that emotion during the process. To make our lives easier – we decide to not open that can of worms, but the can has already been opened the day we know we need to show up, but we didn’t.

“Leaving the hard truth unsaid leaves success to chance and that equates to gambling with or without luck on your side.”

Courageous conversation is about increasing our effectiveness and efficiency at work. In fact, it can save organizations millions of dollars. What if we can hold that solution back a little bit longer because someone had expressed a hard truth in getting our team in check?

A courageous Conversation is an important clarifying and verification process that can strengthen trust within a team and organization if it’s carried out effectively. Do you have the courage?

Having Difficult Conversations Training

Learn Easy Ways to Handle Tough Talks with difficult conversations workshop: We teach you simple methods to lead difficult conversations, making tough situations better. Improve how you talk with your team and make a positive difference.

Interpersonal Communications Training

Dealing with difficult conversations and conflict resolution training for employees: Our training helps you talk through tough situations at work. You’ll learn how to solve problems with your team better and lead with confidence. Incorporating interpersonal communication training, the program enhances your ability to build a happier, more productive workplace. Perfect for managers who want to grow and make their teams stronger, this program is essential for dealing with difficult conversations and offers focused conflict resolution and interpersonal communication training for employees.

Enhanced Team Dynamics

Learn strategies to improve communication within your team, leading to stronger relationships and a more cohesive work environment.

Confidence in Conflict Resolution

Gain the skills to handle difficult conversations with confidence, turning potential conflicts into opportunities for growth and understanding.

Leadership Development

Develop your leadership abilities by mastering the art of courageous conversations, essential for driving positive change and influencing others effectively.

Bring Positive Change with Courageous Conversations.

Enhance team dynamics, and build influence and trust with the potent power of courageous conversations.

Effective Business Communication Training

Talking clearly and well in tough work conversations is important. Not doing this can cause team problems. Our training has helped many people and companies get better at this.

We teach useful ways to make sure everyone understands each other, which makes your team and business do better.

Our course will help you become really good at talking with your team, especially in hard situations, helping your business do well.

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Stakeholder Engagement Process: Streamlining Your Business Collaborations

Make your team better at tough talks with RiseUp Global’s training. It’s easy to start. Just follow our simple steps to help your team talk better in hard situations. This will make your workplace better and help everyone work together well.

Explore the Program

Start by exploring the offerings of the having difficult conversations training program, understanding its benefits, and assessing how it aligns with your team’s needs in effectively managing difficult conversations.

Contact for Details

Reach out to RiseUp Global for more specific information, such as the structure of the program, costs, and how it can be tailored to your organization.

Enroll and Implement

Once satisfied, enroll your team in the program and begin integrating the learned skills and strategies into your workplace to enhance communication and leadership skills.

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Courageous Conversations are Important

Difficult conversations are valuable as they often address important issues. However, the valuable rewards of having difficult conversations are often overshadowed by the risk it brings.

Expressing perspectives during decision-making, raising discussions about performance issues, and acknowledging problems seem reasonable and easy to do.

But to admit mistakes or suggest a major change that is unpopular to the leadership team, senior management or just a senior director would feel daunting.

Even if it is with team members, co-workers or direct reports, the risk of creating conflict or harming the relationship would make anyone think twice.

Losing trust and favour is a high price to pay for speaking up. The fear is valid and is an integral part of the human experience. It indicates that we value our relationship with our team members and stakeholders. This is also why we need to speak up and move them toward positive change.

In the Unlock Courageous Conversation program, you will be guided through psychological and scientific truths about why this psychological hurdle exists and how to process it. You will also learn the skills and tools to start and lead tough conversations.

The skill and ability to initiate and navigate tough conversations will allow you to communicate your intentions clearly and interpret the original intentions of the other person.

The behavioural model strategies will allow you to prepare in advance. Preparation will improve your emotional intelligence to maintain mental fitness as you engage in difficult conversations.

You can then proceed with confidence to design your action plan. When you actively engage in a courageous conversation, you will be juggling many things.

This will include basic skills like keeping eye contact, remembering to pay attention to body language and actively listening, to more complex tasks like trying to identify the original intentions of the person, answering questions and making sure you are making a meaningful connection.

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Benefits of Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations are very rewarding. With active listening tools and active listening techniques, courageous leaders can turn a casual chat into a coaching conversation. This is where conflict resolution training becomes vital.

This training opens up a whole new world of opportunities for effective leadership to address problems and suggest solutions. With conflict resolution training, courageous leadership will harness difficult conversations in a way that builds trust and creates a healthy business environment for great business outcomes.
Being able to have courageous conversations in the workplace also brings about huge rewards. It leads to a better work environment as team members and direct reports can speak up about difficult matters and safely admit mistakes. This elevates the mental health of the leadership team, team members and direct reports, and avoids any preventable losses and damages. Laying the grounds for amazing work and business growth.

Courageous leaders need to look at the bigger picture and change direction towards a growth mindset. We need to see courageous conversations as a critical part of achieving success. And take the initiative to build capabilities and skill sets to get good at it. Courageous conversation training should be considered essential to leadership development.