Influence Without Authority Training

Step up your leadership game with RISEUP Global’s ‘Influence Without Authority Training.’ It’s a highly experiential and hands-on program to help you lead better, even without being the boss. You’ll learn cool practical psychological strategies to understand people and get them on board with your ideas. It’s great for anyone who wants to lead with confidence and get things done. Ready to be a more awesome leader?

Influence is knowing how to move the game even when we don’t have the currencies to begin with.

This program emphasizes identifying human psychology and applying it to become an influential communicator.

An internal study conducted by Microsoft showed that the group of people who received the most praise (cheers) from colleagues acted as communication hubs for the entire organization and were central to work getting done. In short, the number of cheers an employee received was highly correlated with high network influence without authority.

It also revealed that top performers spent nearly four hours more per week collaborating internally rather than externally, and this group had larger internal networks with an average of 27 connections, indicating they are more influential within the company than their peers, compared to low performers with an average network size of only 20.

Leaders Need Scientifically Proven Strategies

Author Of Influence And Human Motivation

Joseph is the distinguished author of 2 preeminent books on influence – The Power Science of Influence and The Predictable Game. In both books, Joseph establishes a scientific approach outlining ways to positively influence people and create lasting organizational change.

Managing Without Authority: Navigating Leadership Challenges Influence Without Authority Training

Leading without authority: It’s unfair when leaders feel powerless just because they lack formal authority. This feeling can lead to frustration and missed opportunities, which isn’t right. Leadership should be about influence, not just authority.

Join our “Influence Without Authority Training” program and turn the tables. Learn how to lead and inspire effectively, even without formal power. It’s time to make your mark as a leader!

Communicate to Influence
Elevating Your Persuasive Power

Influencing skills training Singapore: Our program is designed for leaders, managers, and individual contributors like you. It’s all about leading more effectively, using great communication skills instead of just relying on your position. You’ll learn valuable ways to make your ideas heard and lead your team to success.

Improved Conversational Skills

Enhance your conversation skills to ‘mind-read’ your audience and navigate discussions with ease, significantly improving your ability to consult and connect effectively.

Enhanced Leadership Abilities

Learn techniques to influence others effectively, a crucial skill for leadership in any context, especially when you don’t have direct authority.

Increased Confidence

Gain greater self-assurance in your ability to lead and influence, empowering you to take on leadership roles more confidently.

Every organization and leadership team is different.

Contact us today to find out how this program can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs and challenges.

Communicate to Influence
Your Roadmap to Effective Leadership

We get that it’s tough to lead without just telling people what to do. We’ve helped thousands of leaders and hundreds of companies with this. Our Leadership Without Authority training gives you the skills to guide and inspire your team in a new way. You can trust us – we’ve been doing this for a long time and we know what works.

Leadership Without Authority: Strategic Steps to Gain Influence

Our easy three-step plan guides you through enrolling, learning, and applying powerful leadership strategies. This program is designed for busy professionals who want to make a big impact in their roles. Get ready to transform your leadership skills and start making a real difference in your team and organization.

Initiate Partnership

Partner with us for a tailored corporate training program that meets your business needs.

Corporate Training Access

Receive exclusive course materials designed for corporate teams, with the flexibility to learn in a way that suits your business schedule.

Strategy Implementation

Apply the learned strategies across your organization to enhance team effectiveness and leadership skills.

The Influence Journey


Challenge the Boundary


Mind Pattern – Decoding People Decision-Making Pattern


Identifying Your Influence Quotient (IQ)


Identifying Your Power Quotient (IQ)


Mind RSA – Predicting the Hot Spots


Mind Tracing – Moving People Across Conversational Frequencies

Who Will Benefit From This Influence Without Authority Leadership Course

The current situation of global supply chains and remote work has added a considerable amount of strain on heads of organizations and leadership teams. They now have to manage business relationships, oversee virtual teams, and interact with board directors mostly through live online meetings.

Leadership principles remain the same, but their influencing skills cannot remain at the same level of applying soft skills only. Leaders and talents need to enhance their persuasive communication and influencing skills to maintain cohesive teams and ensure project success.

This program will give you the analysis skills and active listening strategies needed to rise up to today’s unique leadership challenge. From case studies to strategies to practical solutions, you will learn how you can move stakeholders towards commitment.