RISEUP Conference

RISEUP Conference is our signature and exclusive annual event where we speak on topics and issues close to our hearts.

A Collision Space

RISEUP Leadership Conference is known for colliding ideas and perspectives all in one place.

This unique event is curated to be utterly unconventional because we do not believe in talking about “best practices”.

During the event, be prepared to hear only REAL thoughts and provoking perspectives from our speakers and panellists.

Entirely without the “packaging”.

If you love to hear-provoking perspectives and ideas, this is an annual event you don’t want to miss.

Our Three Beliefs In The Conference

There are three beliefs we hold during this event.

RISEUP Conference JULY 2023

RISEUP Conference JULY 2022

An Exclusive, By-Invite Event

  • The RISEUP Conference is an extension of our team, and we appreciate and thank everyone with whom we have crossed paths and worked together.
  • The Conference is where we treasure and honour every clientele and individuals who have given us the opportunity to work with them.
  • Our delegates consist of leaders from the Business, Human Resources, Talent Development, Learning and Development from different industries and expertise.

  • An Exclusive Invite To You

  • If you are in the talent, HR, learning and development space and would like to join us in this once-a-year event, drop us a note, and we will connect with you first for a cup of coffee in person.
  • It is in the DNA of RISEUP to connect with people.
  • After all, life is too long for work and too short for human connection.
  • We constantly search for like-minded people to join us in the RISEUP Movement in Raising Psychological Best Leaders and Individuals Who Dare To Shape The World.
  • If you are UP for it, open your heart and drop us a note as you read this.

  • Your Very Own Signature RISEUP Conference

    How about you having your own RISEUP conference within your organisation for your leadership team and people?

    As you are reading this, organisations are exploring with us to deliver their very own RISEUP Conference within their organisation.

    We will come in and deploy our gifts to create and curate the entire RISEUP Conference for our clientele.

    If you are open to shifting the landscape of leadership and people experience, join us at RISEUP Conference and see for yourself.