30,000 DAYS. How Many Do You Have Left?


In my recent RISEUP documentary and Conference, I mentioned the idea of the 30,000 days.

If we look at our lives by the number of days, 30,000 days equate to around 82 years of age.

Imagine if our lifeline is only 82 years; we are just borrowing 30,000 days from this planet.

There comes a time when we need to return it to Earth.

When I calculated mine, I had only around 13,140 days left.

You can’t help but look at our life differently.


1. The Darkest 1096 days of my life.

I spent 1096 days in the darkest moment of my life, struggling with a severe infection that took away my mobility and everything I built and nearly took my life too.

When I returned to the scene in 2022, a friend asked whether I think I have lost 1096 days.

I replied that if we measure by world standard and opportunity cost, mathematically speaking, I had lost.

But I have grown by leaps and bounds if we use the Spiritual and Wisdom standard.

And because of this Spiritual Wisdom, RISEUP was born.

And our mission is about re-learning how to HUMANISE Leadership and HUMANISE the workplace all over again.

Without this darkest hour, there is no RISEUP.


2. Counting the Days or Make Each Day Count?

I have a friend who installed a mortality counter on his phone.

Every morning when he wakes up, it shows him the number of days left.

To most people, it sounds morbid, but to him, it’s a wake-up call EVERY DAY!

Every day spent waking up is a day lost.
+ Every day spent RISING U is a day gain.

Make Each Day Count Before It Disappears.


3. Are You Waking Up or RISING UP?

Ever since my return, the first keynote I delivered was:


And this keynote continues to be one of the many sought-after inspirational keynotes after my return.

# I love to say that this keynote took me 16 years plus three years of my darkest hours to make.
# Waking up is an unconscious effort, but it ends up with us going through the motion daily.
# But when you look at your life in terms of 30,000 days, you will start RISING UP.

RISEUP is an intentional and conscious effort.

If you want to become:

+ A Greater Goodness In The World
+ A Greater Leader, a Greater friend
+ A Greater Dad or Mom
+ A Greater Son and Daughter

You would need to start RISING UP.

As I love to say nowadays:

Are You Just Waking Up or RISING UP?


This is Joseph@RISEUP signing off.

May You Transform, Flourish and Prosper In This Brand New World.