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Many businesses struggle with ineffective leadership, resulting in low employee engagement, high turnover rates, and decreased productivity.
You don't have to experience the same thing.

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Performance Goes Up

You’ve recognized the need for stronger leadership within your organization… now what? Just understanding the importance of leadership development isn’t enough. It’s time to implement effective leadership training in your business.

Identify Your Leadership Goals

Are you facing challenges with low employee engagement, high turnover rates, or poor team performance? Looking to cultivate a culture of innovation and collaboration? Start by identifying your specific leadership development goals.

Learn From The Experts

Gain valuable insights and skills through our customized leadership training programs, expert-led workshops, and one-on-one coaching sessions. Our proven methods ensure your leaders are equipped to drive your business forward.

See Improvements

Whether you’re an executive, HR professional, or team leader, our leadership training will enhance your team's performance and morale, leading to increased productivity and a thriving workplace culture.

How Can

RiseUp Global

Help You Elevate Your Leadership Skills?

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Book An Appointment

Scheduling a consultation with RiseUp Global is quick and easy. Simply reach out to us to discuss your leadership goals and challenges. We’ll arrange a convenient time to understand your needs and outline how we can help.

Create a Custom Solution

Our experts will develop a tailored leadership training program designed specifically for your organization. This includes expert-led workshops, interactive sessions, and personalized coaching to ensure your leaders gain the skills they need to excel.

See Your Leaders Grow

Experience the transformation as your leaders apply their new skills to inspire and drive their teams. With enhanced leadership, you’ll see improved team performance, higher employee engagement, and a thriving organizational culture.


What People Say

Having worked with Joseph Wong, a truly dedicated trainer who is a master in the topic of “Influence without Authority” – filled with passion and purpose as a game changer! He is highly sought after for his involvement to be adaptable to clients’ needs and outcomes! Thank you, Joseph, for the support and glad to have you travel across Asia with us!!
Regional Head of Learning (INdia and SEA)
We engaged Joseph for a motivational speech at an internal event. He did not just deliver his pet topics. At the pre-event discussion, he asked detailed questions about the circumstance and objectives. During his delivery, he framed his message with the right content in the proper context, which the participants noticed and responded to favourably.
BT Ong
Senior HR Director
Joseph was one of my speakers during a leaders’ briefing organised by my company. He captivates the audience with his engaging style and charming personality during the briefing. He is magnanimous and always willing to share his life experiences and knowledge with people around him. I would be glad to work with him again in the future.
Janet Quek
Director, Talent Development
Joseph listened attentively and provided excellent support which were tailored to the needs of our organisation. He also facilitated the training that allowed interactions among the participants, while imparting skills and knowledge through experiential learning activities. It has been a great experience working with Joseph Wong!
silicon labs
HR Director