Leadership Coaching Bootcamp

Our RISEUP Leadership Coaching Bootcamp aims to optimize performance by helping our client reach their behavioural shift in the shortest time.

The Way We See Coaching:

When we engage with an executive, we coach them as a whole person, not the title they hold.

In our experience, Your Perspective Is Your Performance.

We have worked with both corporate and personal clients, and here are some common and unique requests:

  • To multiply personal clarity and alignment in one’s leadership approach
  • Shifting one’s behaviour from limiting to empowering.
  • Shaping one’s belief and approach towards work and life.
  • Identifying the ingredients to increase personal focus.
  • A personal perspective coach to one’s transformation

We adopt a highly tailored approach to each individual, and the outcome of the coaching journey may include:

  • Developing personal leadership by removing limiting beliefs and false assumptions.
  • Creating self-regulation and co-creating a supporting belief system.
  • Instilling motivation and up-scale personal awareness.
  • Shifting behaviours that support and empower
  • Mental accountability system.

Our Coaching Bootcamp involves the following composition:

SHIFT Perspectives
SHAPE Behaviours
SHARPEN Performance

Coaching is a personal transformation journey; success is designed, not by chance.

Simply by shifting perspectives, we can adjust the sail to our advantage.

Contact Us today to DESIGN your journey.


Joseph was the first coach I engaged with concerning my personal development almost eight years ago. I wanted clarity in my vision and mission as well as being able to become more confident.

Joseph’s approach is wholesome and organized, and it empowered me to understand myself much better and use my strengths. When I was the top 3 manager for my company back in 2015, I attribute it to the time spent with him.

I highly recommend Joseph if you are looking for a coach or a trainer, as he is an authority in Influence and leadership transformation.

Alvin Yeo


I have many coaches in my life. From basketball, dance, life and career coaches, I would say that Joseph is the one that gives me the most insights into my life.

I engaged him with the sole purpose of improving my results at work, and at the end of the session, he gave me clarity on my career and, most importantly, my way of life.

He helped me achieve my first MDRT, and his lessons never cease to continue influencing decisions in my life.

Best coach ever!!

Alvin Wong

Senior Manager

Joseph is an amazing mentor and coach, allowing me to unlock the potential inside of me all along, showing me different perspectives and helping me become a better financial advisor.

Raphael Chau

Financial Advisor

Joseph is the right person to work with. He assisted me in being more aware of what I do and, at the same time, confronting my discomforts.

With his extensive knowledge and experiences in the functionality of the conscious and subconscious minds, aligned with physical activities that help bring across concepts, I can absorb and retain that learning experience.


Sales Coach

Purposeful and confident are the best attributes I experienced working with Joseph. And he can translate these attributes into carefully thought-through and planned actions and activities. These help with self-awareness and clarity in his aim.

Vinson Ong

General Manager

Joseph is a go-getter who knows what he wants and delivers on his promises. He is more than well-qualified as a trainer and coach. Joseph also has a genuine passion for helping disadvantaged people.

Gabrielle Frieda Loh

Chief Operating Officer