Stop Retaining, Start Returning


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I popped the idea during our RISEUP event in 2023 that the concept of talent retention has expired.

RISEUP is a space where we constantly push boundaries and share thought-provoking lenses to see our environment differently.

After all, if our lenses stay the same, nothing is going to shift anyway,

The lens today is about RETURN-TION and Not RETENTION.

RETURN-TION is a term that I coined personally.


Retention is Detention.

Organisations are pouring enormous resources into training, engagement, etc., hoping employees would be happy and “stay longer”.

Effectively that is a Detention strategy because Retention does not exist.

# The fact is, we cannot retain talent today.
# Talent will leave eventually, and it’s a matter of time.
# Especially with the newer generation mindset, it is going to get familiar.

If they stay with you for three years, you should perhaps give them the long service award today.

And yes! 3 years is considered long today. Lol…..


The Best Award To Receive

There are many awards out there today.

And to be honest, getting those awards isn’t necessarily difficult.

I challenge the notion that if there is an award that all organisations should go after is;


This is the most challenging award because the people who have left the organisation will nominate you rather than your current employee.

There will be ultimately no vested interest whatsoever.

Think of the past 3 to 5 companies you work with. Would you return to any one of them?

+ If the answer is yes, why would you return?
If the answer is none, why would you not return?

Whether the answer is yes or no, it says about the leaders and people in that organisation more than anything else.

The absolute truth is people will return to the organisation because of the leaders and the team members who watched their back.

The quality of leaders and people you have is crucial to whether your talent will return.


Shifting The Entire Ecosystem With Just One Word.

Changing just one word from Retain to Return shifted the entire mindset on how we look at developing leaders and people.

? Are you developing your leaders into someone whom people love to return to
? Are you growing your team into one that people enjoy returning to because members watch one another back
? Are you developing High-Potential that everyone wants to participate in because they believe in the new leadership movement?

I am so passionate about this new RETURN movement that I have a full 45 to 60 min keynote. I am not kidding.

The world has RETURNED and has CHANGED, have you?


This is Joseph@RISEUP signing off.

May You Transform, Flourish and Prosper In This Brand New World.