Are You Living Above The New Baseline?


I had a chance to catch up for a RISEUP Conversation with Daniel Chia Han Yong, 谢汉雄, over a cup of hot chocolate.

Daniel is an experienced HR leader, and I like to describe him as an adventurous and creative leader.

His most recent adventure is with DKSH, driving their HR ecosystem.

Though we connected a few years ago, we did not have the luxury of sitting and chatting about everything under the sun.

Well… almost everything… Lol…

Here are my insights from our hot chocolate conversation.


1. The New Baseline of Loyalty

The landscape of how people work and rest has shifted dramatically.

The concept of #loyalty has also shifted.

Loyalty is #Reciprocity today.

When employees come in, they do their best and expect the organisation to do their best for them too.


2. The New Baseline for Leadership

The number one criterion of a leader today is the ability to ask for #help.

A leader might try to solve everything themselves when the ideal solution is to seek help when needed.

As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one. 

If you have more than three, we might get there faster.


3. The New Baseline of Not About You.

We often get caught up in our #careers and forget about the less privileged ones.

They are not far from us.

It is not about just building a meaningful career, but it is about creating a meaningful life too.


4. #Success Redefined.

I have seen successful peers around me who are less mindful of those below the baseline.

I defined success as reaching out to those below the baseline and pulling them up through any small or big means we have.

It is not that a First World has no problem, just that First World have First World Problem.

On this new year, #2023, start looking out for those below the baseline.

If you see them, don’t turn away. Give them a helping hand today,


This is Joseph@RISEUP Signing Off.

May You TRANSFORM, FLOURISH AND PROSPER in the brand new world!

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