When Was The Last Time You See The World Differently?


My #riseup conversation today is with Jeslin Lim, IHRP-SP, GTML™

She is currently the General Manager of Cycle and Carriage.

It has been many years since we chatted in person.

And as usual, Jeslin has always been a go-getter, optimistic lady with tons of energy! Lol…

Our coffee conversation revolves around many topics.

And here are my RISEUP insights.


1. Your Lens Determines Your Growth

We need to update the lens we use to see the world constantly.

The world is shifting at a supersonic pace.

Being in HR means that Jeslin needs to be well ahead of the curve and the business.

During the Covid period, HR was a crucial point of contact so the business could pivot quickly.

Jeslin remained unfazed and excited about the various changes that were taking place.

How you see challenges determine how you grow.


2. Majority of Our Change Is Possible If You Choose To.

Covid is a God-given. 

Because of the pandemic, we are given opportunities to change age-old traditions.

Humans, if given a choice, will not choose to change. The majority of the time, we are forced to change.

Before pandemic,

Virtual meeting is impossible
Hybrid working is impossible
Online buying is impossible.

But all the above happened in under one month when Covid struck.


3. The Past Can Never Operate In The Future.

Intentional change is always for the better.

But we are constantly stuck doing the identical outdated thing until something rocks us out of our comfort blanket.

Just because it has worked in the past does not mean it will work in the future.

We need to change our belief when it is no longer serving us. 

Anyone unwilling to update their belief is because they choose the easy out.

The past can never operate in the future.

It is time to RISEUP and updates our mental model.


This is JOSEPH@RISEUP Signing Off.

May You TRANSFORM, FLOURISH AND PROSPER in the brand new world!

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