Are You Walking Without Slippers?


In the previous post, I shared how I held one of the most dangerous jobs on Earth, being a UN Peace-Keeper in Timor Leste.

But that danger has made me more HUMAN.

I Held One Of The Most Dangerous Jobs On Earth.

You see…

Timor Leste is like a startup, like Singapore in our early days.

What else would make the difference in determining whether you are surviving or thriving?

These are my RISEUP lessons.


1. Hungry to learn

As a peacekeeper on patrol, the children will approach you and ask for two things.

Most people would think it’s money and food.

To your surprise, the two things they ask for are the two P.

They are Pen and Paper.

Studying is a luxury as classrooms and lessons are scarce.

So yes, children ask for Pen and Paper to learn for a better opportunity next time.

What is that Pen and Paper you need to look at today so that you can continue to thrive?


2. Walking without Slippers

One interesting observation is that wealthier villages will see their kids running around with slippers, while those who are not will run barefoot.

Looking at their feet will tell you whether they need more help than others.

Back in the corporate space, we sense people walking without slippers too….

But in the first world, we are covered by shoes; sadly, we can’t see whether they need help.

A third world needs inspiration and motivation. A first world needs the sanity of the mind.


3. When Money Has No Power

Though I was given USD 20 per month for daily necessities on-site, I realised I couldn’t spend it because I was in the middle of nowhere.

And there was no need to spend because all the basics were provided.

But a simple thing happened…

I start focusing on writing a journal and reflecting on my life and insights when I can momentarily stop chasing.

When you can stop chasing, you start observing.

+ What is observed is reflected.
+ What is reflected becomes insights.
+ What became insights become your new life.


What are you chasing today?

Time to reflect and live a new life today?

Only You Can Decide.


This is Joseph@RISEUP Signing Off.

May You TRANSFORM, FLOURISH AND PROSPER in the brand new world!

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