Raising An Avengers Team Is About…


Ian Wong

Today, our RISEUP Conversation is with Ian Wong, Managing Director of International Mgmt with UOB, and Board Chairman of UOB Venture Mgmt.

Despite our superbly busy schedule, we finally had the opportunity to sit down and chat over a cup of coffee since we connected a few months ago.

And these are my insights from our RISEUP conversation.


1. The Power of Leverage

As leaders, we need to embrace the truth that we cannot be the best in everything and be everywhere. 

But what we can do is to hire good people.

And I resonate with what Ian shared;

We do not hire just to solve problems, but we hire people with the attitude that wants to grow and prosper in the organisation. 

When the people with the right attitude come along, the leader effectively has a formidable Avengers Team where he can leverage their superpower to do more incredible things together.

And yes, Avengers can save the world because they leverage each other’s superpowers.

Do you have an Avengers Team with you today?


2. It Is All In The Actionable

Having an idea and, most importantly, how to execute them is essential. 

After all, ideas without an action plan are still just an idea.

It is the actionable that literally will turn the world.

Most importantly, we need to make it easy for people to want to take action too.


3. Coaching and Mentoring Are In The Blood.

As human beings, the desire to wanting to grow is part of our DNA.

Coaching and Mentoring are not buzzwords or good to have initiatives to look good for branding.

It is about genuinely wanting people to GROW!

There are tons of organisations that talk about having a coaching and mentoring culture,

And turning that into a serious movement is easier said than done.

I am impressed that Ian is taking an active lead as a senior leader to launch the movement within his space.

And I am sure he has a tight schedule, given his responsibilities, but that did not give him a reason to say coaching and mentoring can wait.

He just went ahead anyway.



We do not need to change the whole world. 

But we can start with ours first, with whatever we have.


This is Joseph@RISEUP Signing Off.

May You Transform, Flourish and Prosper In The Brand New World.

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