Are We More Human Before Business?


I caught up for a cup of hot chocolate with Swathi from Gojek.

She is the Global Head for Development, Inclusion and Advocacy at Gojek.

And yes, I started using Gojek recently to look for the best fares when the opposite side raises their fare! And, of course, you know who that opposite is by now. Lol….

And it’s so interesting to be talking to someone in a company for whom I am using their app.

It is a competitive industry, but I am so glad that the culture in Gojek focuses on what they can add value to the world.

And that translate to how they work as a team, play as a team and rest as a team, and not lose that focus.

Our conversation is so enlightening as both of us bounce off ideas on how we can increase high human touch in a high-tech world.



It has always been human before business. Always.

Companies introducing technology at such a fast pace can risk alienating the actual humans working on the ground behind those technologies.

It is easy to lose sight of who the technology is serving and what the company aspire to achieve.

And if we can put humans first, we will make a human-centred decision for the planet.

The core centre is always human.



As technology increases, it is even more critical for an organisation not to forget the human piece.

People are becoming ZOOMIES after going on zoom after zoom for two years!

People are flocking back to in-person conferences, in-person training, and meeting in person as the world reopens.

Technology is part of the equation and not the whole equation.

Though it is a hybrid world today, HUMAN WORLD STILL REIGN!



The world is different, with no blueprint for the next step of success.

We are all back at the starting line.

The good news is we can start all over positively differently.

Time to SHOW UP differently in the brand-new world.

People will start going back to the “old ways” of success because it is familiar.

But that would not last as we are in the new world now.


In our recent RISEUP Conference, we shared how we need to

STAND UP for what we believe.

SHOW UP at work and in life.

STEP UP to the new adventure that is calling out to us.

SHOW OFF your talent, gifts, and creativity to the world.

In the brand new world.

Are you SHOWING UP where it matters most to you TODAY?


This is Joseph Signing Off.

May You TRANSFORM, FLOURISH AND PROSPER in the brand new world!


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