One Boss That Helps Me To Avoid Quiet Quitting!


I did not have many bosses during my career.

And there is one that I remember till now.

Finally, I had the pleasure of catching up for coffee with her.

She is Jesslyn, CEO of Great Eastern Financial Advisors (GFA).

She is one lady that I am blessed to have worked with.



People have been shouting about QUIET QUITTING.

But for us, we have QUIET WINNING!

We love what we do, okay… most of the time… Lol.

We were winning quietly and sometimes winning loudly, and enjoying every moment.

And yes, the leader that you follow does MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

For leaders out there, time to STAND UP for what you believe in.



A lady with a heart for people and a heart for God.

A lady can stand her ground in the face of challenges.

I love the time working with her as I was given opportunities to shine and work on things I love.

I have the privilege to experience what it feels like to love what I do with a supportive boss.

My four years with the company flew by when you had so much fun!

It was the most fruitful time in my corporate career.

Who says that having a boss who knows how to have fun does not translate into high performance? IT DOES!

For leaders out there, time to SHOW UP!



I still remember a misunderstanding episode between a leader in another division and me.

It turned out quite unpleasant and perhaps ugly.

But Jesslyn stepped up and asked me about my feeling about the incident.

She went the extra mile to set up a lunch session with the leader and me to clear things up professionally.

I appreciate that, and towards the end, that leader and I became good colleagues.

I appreciate that she took the extra steps to SHOW UP for me when others find it inconvenient to do the same.

For leaders out there, time to STEP UP!



I am grateful to have worked with a RISEUP leader who;

STAND UP for things she believes in.

SHOW UP at work and in life

STEP UP to the challenges calling out to her.

And helping us to SHOW OFF our gift, talent and creativity to the world.


This is Joseph Signing Off.

May You TRANSFORM, FLOURISH AND PROSPER in the brand new world!

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