Are We Blindly Conditioning Our Happiness?


Rise Up Hand Painting

I recently attended a prophetic art session where one task was to paint blindfolded.

It was a superb exciting experience where you paint not by sight but by faith!

And Isn’t it interesting that we all have to live our life by faith, not knowing how it would unfold?

It was a teetering process when I tried to feel the corner of the paper and dip my fingers into the paint, not knowing what colours I was putting my finger into! 

And yes, we paint by using our fingers, not brushes.

In my masterpiece, at least in my eyes… Lol… 

Some commented they saw mountains, waterfalls, clouds, angels…

What do you see in my picture?

That brings me to my story today.


1. Conditioned Since Young.

We are conditioned from a young age that when we paint, we need brushes.

To do A, we need B.

Brushes are just tools, and they should not bind us.

And that got me thinking that many times in our life, we can be bounded by “brushes” that are unnecessary.


2. Most people are looking for the perfect moment to be happy.

It is similar to, 

– if I don’t have a brush, I won’t paint.
– if I don’t have success, I won’t be happy.
– if I don’t have my social media likes, I won’t feel accomplished.

End of the day, people ended up exchanging their integrity for success, at the cost of everything!

And they are still not happy.

We ended miserably with all the IFs we put on ourselves.

The fact is, we don’t need the perfect moment to be happy.

We can’t wait for everything to be perfect before we decide to be happy.


3. Give Yourself Permission 

+ Take your bicycle and go out there to cycle today if you want to, not waiting for the perfect moment
+ Give yourself a break today and avoid getting trapped in wanting to finish all the tasks! You won’t be able to anyway.
+ Catch that sunrise tomorrow if you want to; nobody is stopping you.

The only limitation we give ourselves is ourselves.

# We are the only ones who can stop ourselves from being playful.
# We are the only ones who can stop ourselves from laughing.
# We are the only ones who can stop ourselves from living our life!

Go out there today and REDISCOVER what your Happiness really looks like.


This is Joseph@RISEUP Signing Off.

May You TRANSFORM, FLOURISH AND PROSPER in the brand new world!

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