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We are experiencing a supersonic shift in our world today, and taking advantage of the many possibilities and opportunities, we need to be ahead of the curve.

We are about Raising Psychological Best Leaders Who Dare to Shape the World. RISEUP Leadership believe in three things as we navigate to take on the world of opportunities


If you are looking for a game-changing leadership keynote, this is the one. There is no good leader in the world today. You are either an average leader or a Great One.

There is three mastery for a leader today. They are Mental, Emotional and Social mastery. While social is about functional skills, the world today requires a leader to embrace both mental and emotional capabilities.

Our mental and emotional states impact our personal life and performance at work more than we think it is. Everyone wants to be a great leader, but not everyone gets there. The secret?

Great leaders know how to activate their psychological best – daily.

One recent study found that leaders have higher positive moods and focus when they mentally reconnect to work in the mornings after a period of not working.

The study found that setting their intentions and looking over their schedules for the upcoming day allows them to engage with employees more successfully for the remainder of the workday.

About Your Game-Changing RISEUP Speaker – Joseph Wong

A multiple award-winning leadership transformation coach, captivating author and game changing speaker with extensive expertise in leadership and business psychology.

His understanding of the incredible power hidden in the science of human behaviour and motivation has helped organisations around the world reach new levels of productivity, performance and leadership.

RISEUP is about raising PSYCHOLOGICAL BEST LEADERS who dare to shift the world by SHOWING UP with the best version of themselves”

The Keynote

When leaders STAND UP for things they believe in, they will naturally SHOW UP at work and in life. When they start SHOWING UP, they will begin STEPPING UP to a new adventure calling them. And in turn, they will naturally SHOW OFF the gifts and talents they can bring to their team and the world.

  • Update one’s mental model of leading
  • What does it mean to stand up and show up as a leader at work and in life?
  • How can a leader step up to their new adventure calling at work?
  • Discover the magic when a leader can SHOW OFF their gift and talent for the interest of their team and the world.

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