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These days, it takes more than sheer hard work to achieve recognition at the workplace. I am not suggesting we should not work hard, but there is more to it. High achievers often ask themselves, “How can I grow?”

Stop asking your organization how they intend to help grow and start asking yourself how you can grow. If you have a growth plan, the potential is limitless. Stop waiting for other people to decide for you and decide for yourselves today.

Motivate yourself to chart a blueprint for your career success by asking, “Is that all I can do?” The answer is a definite no. There is a lot more you can do, and here are proven strategies that will ignite your performance and career success in time to come.

1. Create a Timeline

This means forecasting your milestones. Giving yourself a timeline of what you intend to achieve within the first two years in the organization is key. You can aim to achieve a deeper insight into your field through further certification or move into a team lead role at the end of a two years journey with a specific action plan.

With the map drawn up, you will have greater clarity on how you will get there. Identify projects you like to be involved in and ask for bandwidth from your supervisor, and let him or her know the career direction you like to move towards.

2. Find A Runner

Get a partner in the workplace to monitor your progress. This person should be either your boss if he or she is open to coaching you to succeed or a friend in the workplace. It can even be a friend working in another organization in a similar industry.

The idea is so that you can work together to pace each other. A good analogy is like a runner pacing another runner to keep in step and achieve significant milestones within a timeline. This will boost your motivation and energy during tough times.

3. Be The Business Future

It is not about the years of experience that define your market value but the number of good experiences that define you and your market value.

Organizations are looking for dynamic individuals with good business acumen, creativity, and innovation. Even if such individuals fail, they will learn what works and not repeat the same mistake. This is one of the critical factors that will help a business to thrive in the future. Are you part of the business’s future?

4. Identify Your Natural Acumen

Have there been times when you could do something relatively easily and naturally while others failed? A strong sign of natural acumen is when you can do something effortlessly while others struggle to get the hang of it. Consider the skills you have that fall into this category, and develop them further.

5. Keep Simplifying

What is gravely missing today is the ability to simplify one’s message during presentations and meetings; the more senior an executive is, the more he or she needs to simplify things.

Years of research into the topic of influence have proven that the simpler the message is, the easier it is for us to understand something and be convinced by it. But often, we ended up dumping data on others and lessening our credibility.

Draft up a timeline, find a runner and be the future. Most importantly, identify your natural acumen and start learning to simplify complex concepts to skyrocket your performance and achieve career success over time.


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