Happiness IN Work



A friend recently complained that she was no longer enjoying her work and exploring other options. I asked her why, and she replied that she no longer enjoying what she did for a living. She could not find a reason to get herself to the office.

I asked her what she would do differently if she had the power right now to decide what she wanted in her role. She shared multiple ways she would enjoy her work more if she could do this, that, and this.

I began a discovery journey with her to explore the possibilities of doing what she had always wanted to help her find greater satisfaction in her work. If we had not undertaken this process, she might have found another job, only to face the same problem after a while.

Instead of finding happiness at work, let’s find happiness IN work. How can we increase our happiness in work? The answer is not necessarily in becoming an entrepreneur, as entrepreneurs face challenges. How do we accelerate our happiness in work and, therefore, our performance?”

To do so, there are three things you need to find:

1. Find Meaning.

One of the critical factors for people who excel in their work is that they find meaning in what they do. They do not believe in doing for the sake of doing. The people who go the extra mile firmly believe that what they are doing at that moment makes a big difference to other people.

To us, a security guard to you might seem to be just another routine job. But a security guard who believes in ensuring everyone leaves the office safely to spend time with their family is a security guard on a mission. He sees meaning in what he does when it could be so much easier to be detached from his job by just ticking a few boxes and considering his job done.

Such a security guard usually greets you in the morning and afternoon and when you knock off. He or she will likely be an approachable and friendly security guard you can converse with.

Are you also someone whom people love to strike up a conversation with when you are at work?

2. Find Time

Most people burn out because they believe that work is all they have. Years of research have proven that we all need time on our own. This has nothing to do with whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

Finding time for yourself means having downtime for you. It is time to be you after having had to modify your behaviour accordingly at work. This means putting on multiple hats at work and changing your behaviour from one meeting to another, from one role to another.

I love to joke that being at work requires us to behave like a transformer because we often need to transform ourselves fast enough to adapt to the environment. Even transformers need a rest, not to mention human beings.

Start finding alone time for yourself at work. Have a quiet lunch with a book, or just a quiet lunch with people-watch.

3. Find Energy

This not only comes from the food you eat, which determines your performance for the rest of the day but more importantly, energy is derived from the people you mix with at work.

You will enjoy your work better if you find people who share the same high energy level as you do. If you do not have too many friends at work but only colleagues, you might need to reflect on the energy you give out when people are with you.

Low-energy people drag the people around them down with complaints and negative remarks. Still, high-energy people always see possibilities, and they make your work and environment productive and fun.

Start building your happiness in work today by finding meaning, time and energy. The power is always in your mind. You are what you like to think about. Think happy, and your wish shall be granted.


This is Joseph@RISEUP Signing Off.

May You TRANSFORM, FLOURISH AND PROSPER in the brand new world!

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