Can We Really Influence Without Authority?

Do you have currencies to move your game without having authority?

To Influence without Authority harnesses the psychological currencies to move people from resistance into commitment.

Research has shown that 80 to 90 per cent of our time at work requires us to influence and, therefore, a significant ability to possess today.

This skill is especially crucial when an organisation’s structure is getting lean over time and working across teams and functions is a norm today.

An internal study by Microsoft showed that the group of people who received the most praise (cheers) from colleagues acted as communication hubs for the entire organisation and were central to getting work done.

In short, the number of cheers an employee receives equates to high network influence.

It also revealed that top performers spent nearly four hours more per week collaborating internally rather than externally. The result? This group had more extensive internal networks with an average of 27 connections.

And this indicates that they are more influential within the company than their peers compared to low performers with an average network size of only 20.

About Your Game-Changing RISEUP Speaker – Joseph Wong

A multiple award-winning leadership transformation coach, captivating author and game changing speaker with extensive expertise in leadership and business psychology.

His understanding of the incredible power hidden in the science of human behaviour and motivation has helped organisations around the world reach new levels of productivity, performance and leadership.

RISEUP is about raising PSYCHOLOGICAL BEST LEADERS who dare to shape the world by SHOWING UP with the best version of themselves.”

The Keynote

  • Can I really influence you?
  • Redefining Influence in our world today.
  • The most common false assumption about influence.
  • How influence is more common than we think it is.
  • Practical tips that are simple but powerful that we can use in our work and life to move people positively forward.

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