The Courage To Fly Again, This Time, HIGHER!


A severe and unknown infection hit me in 2019, and I was down and out for three full years.

Overnight, I lost the use of all my ten fingers, rendering me handicapped.

The simplest act of buttoning my shirt or lifting a spoon was impossible.


Overnight, I Lost Everything Overnight.

My career, my income, my hope. 

And nearly ending my life story too.

What do you do when you do not know what to do?

There was no answer.


Reject The Label

I rejected the doctor’s diagnosis and the labels they used on me, and I refused their medication, resulting in me living in pain every night.

Called it stubborn if you like, but I know this is not a life I want.

But I found a way out when there was no way.


Learning To Fly Again.

+ I know what it is like to lose yourself.
+ I know what it is like to lose your wings.
+ I know what it is like to forget how to fly.

In May 2022, RISEUP was born from ground zero when I returned to the scene after my miracle recovery and having successfully reversed an auto-immune without medication.

And just a few days ago, we launched our first overseas RISEUP Motivational Bootcamp with nearly 200 achievers from Great Eastern Life Assurance.

I envision a Multi-Intelligence boot camp packed with practical psychology of breakthroughs that have never been heard before, and you can only find it in our niche RISEUP event.

And, of course, our RISEUP Motivational Gala Dinner, where we came together to celebrate The Colours of Success!

For me, It has been a journey of growing a pair of new wings and learning how to fly again, this time, HIGHER!


We Are ONE YEAR Old.

And yes, in May, RISEUP will celebrate our ONE-YEAR anniversary. 

I picked myself up by closing down a training firm that’s been running for 16 years and started all over again with RISEUP, this time, positively differently.

It’s a reminder of how far I came four years ago from that pitch-dark period of my life to RISING UP for God and with God.

More divine and supernatural will come when your life is aligned with God. 

After all, no one can say No to God, and when HE says yes, nothing can stop Him from operating in your life! 

My promise to God, use me in whatever ways You want, anywhere.

Today is just the beginning of our RISEUP Story. 

And yes, May You Transform, Flourish and Prosper In The Brand New World!


This is JOSEPH@RISEUP Signing Off.

May You Transform, Flourish and Prosper In The Brand New World.

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