Are You Loyal Today? How About Tomorrow?


Rick Yeo

My RISEUP conversation today is with Rick Yeo, the HR Manager at Everstone Group.

And it is my privilege to have caught up with him, who is positively open to “speaking to strangers”.

His philosophy is about staying genuine and daring to be the voice of reason, and he intentionally invests 5% of this time networking with people from all backgrounds.

We chatted about many exciting insights and perspectives, ranging from my @RISEUP Story to human psychology and leadership.

In fact, I get the following SAME questions from leaders in different industries.

+ How do we motivate our people?
+ How do we retain our people?
+ How do we get our people to riseup?


1. The New Motivation is to Stop Demotivating

People naturally join the organisation on day one with a full tank of motivation,

But over the days, weeks, months and years, this tank diminished over time due to demotivating factors.

The first thing we need to do is to STOP THE LEAK! Lol… 

The right question is not how we can motivate people, but first, ask, what do I need to do to stop demotivating?

It builds down to the words you use, and the things you do that are constantly demotivating the environment.

What do I need to do to stop demotivating?


2. The New Retention is Return-tion.

There is no such thing today as retaining your talent today.

Instead, we should start asking:

Will our talent return?

How will our talent return?

What prevented them from returning?

Instead of measuring the attrition rate, I suggest that leaders start measuring the “returning rate”.

i.e., The number of people who return to your organisation.

The most significant ROI you can get is to get people to return, not simply retain.

The new definition of Retention is Return-tion.


3. The New Loyalty is Reciprocity

The new definition of loyal is not about staying as long as possible in the organisation.

Loyalty is when an employee comes in to give their best and expects the organisation to do their best for them too.

The new mindset of people today is expecting an equal level of return.

Loyalty is Reciprocity today.


This is Joseph@RISEUP Signing Off.

May You TRANSFORM, FLOURISH AND PROSPER in the brand new world!

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