Waking Up In A Storm


What if you woke up today and the Sun did not appear?

That was what happened to me in 2019. 

An infection took me by surprise overnight, and I was handicapped overnight.

I cried to sleep every night because my whole body was in pain, and medical science had no idea what was happening.

I could not do the simplest thing like tying a shoelace, using a fork or holding a pen to write, and the whole episode lasted one entire year, followed by another two years of rehab.

I woke up in a Storm.


A #Miracle

Fast forward to today, the recovery was a miracle, complete without medical intervention, but wholly by the mind, body and God.

Doctors and Science were puzzled, which shows that as humans, our understanding always has a limit.

It has been exactly one year since I returned to my love of speaking and training, precisely around this time, two weeks before Christmas.

Since then, December has been a time of Thanksgiving, Peace, Love and Joy.

I will always take this time to catch up with my friends and those who were with me during my darkest moment.

And one year today, this is my takeaway during this Christmas time…


#1 Waking Up To a Bigger Story!

It took me 16 years to build a training business, and it took just 01 night to lose it all.

When I returned to the scene 1 year ago, I went deep into discovering what my bigger story (aka. Why I do What I Do) was

Only then did I realise my past 16 years have been more of an imposter syndrome than anything else.

I was not making any impact and promised to leave my old life behind.

I am learning to live my life all over again, positively differently this time.

A RISEUP movement was born.

And that is to raise psychological best leaders and individuals in this brand-new world we are living in today.


#2 Be Comfortable With Crying?

Okay, this is the touchy, feely part…

We live in a world where people see crying as a vulnerability.

They tend to suppress emotions until, one day, all hell breaks loose.

Crying is a form of courage; by the way, only courageous people cry.

People who cry can reflect and gain greater wisdom after the episode.

God did not give us the ability to cry for nothing. Lol…

This month, tears of gratitude flow when I recall people who show up for me in my darkest time.


#3 Time to Show Up To The World

RISEUP is about showing up to the world with the best and most honest version of who we are.

x Enough about trying to impress people who don’t care because they have personal challenges too.
x Enough being obsessed about getting into the so-called “good books” of people and losing yourself.
x Enough about trying too hard.

Instead of giving yourself a new resolution, try asking yourself, what is enough? It stops today because it is enough.

Sometimes, subtraction in life is a form of addition.


This is Joseph@RISEUP Signing Off.

May You TRANSFORM, FLOURISH AND PROSPER in the brand new world!

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